We Exist For The Addicted

Statistically, over 500,000 individuals in the greater Philadelphia area suffer from substance abuse disorders.  At Connect The Dots Recovery we believe that we have been called at this exact time in history to aggressively attack that number and provide a solution. It is our mission to impact and change the greater Philadelphia area substance abuse problem head on, to introduce them to a solution to this problem once and for all. We do this by implementing for our residents active participation in 12-step programs, dependence upon Jesus and service to the community. With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, we can help each individual transition through this tough time so they can start a new, sober chapter of life. Also, help set a foundation of development for your sober lifestyle while continuing to grow mentally, physically, spiritually and socially. 

Founded in May 2016, Connect The Dots Recovery was established to raise the standard for sober living homes throughout the area. We understand addiction from personal experience and how to maintain long term meaningful sobriety. Our mission is and always will be to see those who suffer from drug and alcohol dependency learn to live a comfortable sober life through the 12 steps, Jesus and helping others. 

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