Encourage Next Steps
Faith Based Participation

We have had support from local faith based organizations where our residents will find true acceptance and a sense of what unconditional love is all about through Jesus. It is a safe, non-judgmental setting where they can have the ability to perfect and enlarge their spiritual lives. We know through personal experience in the presence of Jesus, addictions are broken and lives are changed forever. 

We have a serious emphasis on each residents next steps as they come into our sober living program. We do our best to Connect The Dots to a newly sober lifestyle and prepare them to acclimate back into society upon graduation. We know through personal experience that through constantly taking next steps, lives change forever.

What To Expect

We at Connect The Dots Recovery offer a 9-12 month sober living program. In our sober living program we strive to develop, promote and encourage growth in and through the lives of each of our residents through dependence upon Jesus, active participation in the 12 steps, active participation in church and active participation in service.

Structured Phase System
12 step participation

We have implemented a 12 step base for each resident to develop the tools to maintain abstinence from all substances. This process helps to turn an individuals addiction into the greatest asset to help others. We know through personal experience through active participation in the 12 step programs, lives change forever.

We have developed a structured four phase system for each resident to help them transition into a newly sober lifestyle. This has been a success; as they transition through each phase they gain more independence as they prepare for graduating from our program.

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